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Setting your file up correctly saves time and prevents errors in the printing process. Please refer to the following product template to set up your art files correctly for printing. For any questions about how to properly set up or export your file, contact our team at [email protected] or call (770) 213-2010.

Table Throws
Full ColorTemplateSpecsheet
6ft Open Back (3 sided)DownloadDownload
6ft Full Back (4 sided)DownloadDownload
8ft Open Back (3 sided)DownloadDownload
8ft Full Back (4 Sided)DownloadDownload
6ft Open Back (3 Sided)DownloadDownload
6ft Full Back (4 Sided)DownloadDownload
8ft Open Back (3 Sided)DownloadDownload
8ft Full Back (4 Sided)DownloadDownload
Table Runners
Full Color PrintTemplateSpecsheet
2ft - Open BackDownloadDownload
2ft - Full BackDownloadDownload
3ft - Open BackDownloadDownload
3ft - Full BackDownloadDownload
4ft - Open BackDownloadDownload
4ft - Full BackDownloadDownload
5ft - Open BackDownloadDownload
5ft - Full BackDownloadDownload
Retractable Banner Stands
Tabletop 24inDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
Tabletop 36inDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
Tabletop 48inDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
Tabletop 60inDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
Econo RollTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Double StepTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
EZ Tube Displays
EZ Tube DisplaysTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
6ft Tabletop Curved (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
8ft Tabletop Curved (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
8ft Curved (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
8ft Straight (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
8ft Straight ArchDownloadDownloadDownload
10ft Curved (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
10ft S-Shape (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
10ft Straight (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
10ft Straight Alternative (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
10ft ArchDownloadDownloadDownload
20ft Curved (Single & Double)DownloadDownloadDownload
20ft StraightDownloadDownloadDownload
EZ SurfDownloadDownloadDownload
EZ Fabric Counter StraightDownloadDownloadDownload
EZ Fabric Counter Curved SingleDownloadDownloadDownload
EZ Fabric Counter Curved DoubleDownloadDownloadDownload
EZ Fabric Counter Curved TripleDownloadDownloadDownload
EZ Fabric Counter Curved S-ShapeDownloadDownloadDownload
EZ Fabric Counter Curved QuintDownloadDownload
EZ Fabric Counter Curved QuadDownloadDownload
Falcon Flags
Falcon FlagsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
7F Single SidedDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
7F Double SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
13F Single SidedDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
13F Double SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Falcon Canopy MountTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
0 DegreesDownloadDownload
30 DegreesDownloadDownload
Feather Flags
Feather FlagsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Small Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
Small Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Medium Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Medium Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Large Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Large Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Xtra Single-LargeDownloadDownloadDownload
Xtra Double-LargeDownloadDownloadDownload
Teardrop Flags
Teardrop FlagsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Small Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Small Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Medium Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Medium Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Large Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Large Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Xtra Large Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Xtra Large Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Mamba Flags
Mamba FlagsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Small Single SidedDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
Small Double SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Medium Single SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Large Single SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Other Flags
Store Front FlagTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Store Front FlagDownloadDownloadDownloadWatch
Splash FlagsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Splash Single-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Splash Double-SidedDownloadDownloadDownload
Mondo FlagsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
13 ftDownloadDownloadDownload
17 ftDownloadDownloadDownload
23 ftDownloadDownloadDownload
Pole Flags TemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
5x3 Single SidedDownload
5x3 Double SidedDownload
6x4 Single SidedDownload
6x4 Double SidedDownload
Custom Tents
Tent SizeTemplateSpecsheet
10x10 UV TentDownloadDownload
10x15 UV TentDownloadDownload
10x20 UV TentDownloadDownload
Indoor Banner Stands
Hanging Clamp BarTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
3ft w/ HooksDownload
5ft w/ HooksDownload
7ft w/ HooksDownload
Classic Banner StandsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Classic Small (BN1)DownloadDownloadDownload
Classic Medium (BN2)DownloadDownloadDownload
Classic Large (BN3)DownloadDownloadDownload
Grasshopper AdjustableTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
X Banner StandsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
X1 SmallDownloadDownloadDownload
X2 MediumDownloadDownloadDownload
X3 LargeDownloadDownloadDownload
Slider Banner StandsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
8'x8' SliderDownloadDownloadDownload
10'x8' SliderDownloadDownloadDownload
4'x4' Slider MiniDownloadDownloadDownload
5'x8' Slider MiniDownloadDownloadDownload
Jumbo Banner StandsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
Large Banner STand Small (JB1)DownloadDownload
Large Banner Stands Large (JB2)DownloadDownload
Jumbo Banner Stand Small (JB3)DownloadDownload
Jumbo Banner Stand Large (JB4)DownloadDownload
10' Conversion Kit for JB4 BlackDownloadDownload
12' Conversion Kit for JB4 BlackDownloadDownload
L Banner StandsTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
L Stand 24inDownloadDownloadDownload
L Stand 36inDownloadDownloadDownload
3 Piece L Banner Stand CurvedDownloadDownloadDownload
Fabric Light Box Displays
Fabric Light BoxTemplateSpecsheetInstructionsVideo
If you have some other questions about our products and service, feel free to contact us. We are eager to help! Don’t see you question? Email us at [email protected]
File Setup
We accept files in the following formats: AI, EPS, TIFF and JPEG.  An editable vector based file saved as a hi-res PDF is preferred.  Art must be full print size at 150 DPI.  If submitting vector art, please outline all fonts. Allow any file with a photographic image to extend past the live area by 1 inch so we can add the necessary bleed.
Uploading Artwork
Guarantee your upload!  Our uploader only works with Chrome or Firefox. When uploading multiple files, please compress (ZIP) all files into one single folder. Be sure to select “Upload File” before clicking submit.
Color Matching
When Color Matching is a concern, you must specify PMS target colors. Please note a $20 fee per color will be applied for color matching services.